What to Eat In Argentina

What to Eat In Argentina

Traveling offers an ideal chance to try new things, and that includes new foods. If you’re feeling experimental on your trip to Argentina, then here are my personal recommendations on what to eat in Argentina.


Asado is not so much a kind of food, but rather a form of cooking. Asado is also known as parrrillada and, to put it simply, it is a kind of barbecue. One should never leave Argentina without spending some time sat by the grill and enjoying some grilled meat. Asado includes beef, ribs, pork, sausages, and sweetbreads straight from the fire. The taste of Argentina is lightly salted grilled meat, topped with chimchurri and served with Malbec wine.


Provoleta gives grilled cheese an entirely new meaning. The dish was created thanks to the Italian immigration the country saw, and it’s a variation of provolone cheese. Disc slices of cheese are topped with herbs such as oregano, chili flakes, and then grilled. The cheese is nice and crispy on the outside, and even a little caramelized, while remaining nice and gooey on the inside.


If you’re staying in Argentina then you owe it to yourself to try empanadas at some point. These are a kind of turnover or small pastry. They are made from almost literally anything. There are sweet treat ones used for desserts, and other ones stuffed with all manner of foodstuffs from cheese, chicken, beef, tuna, and even more. They are typically served as appetizers or as part of main courses, and are usually friend or baked. The recipes for empandas can even change between regions, so don’t be afraid to try similar ones and see how different the taste is for yourself.


A choripán is a must before taking in a football match. It’s also a popular treat for taxidrivers and can be found in just about any market or street vendor. To put it simply; it’s the street food of Argentina. A choripán is made from a charcoal-cooked pork and beef chorizo butterflied down the center, topped with some chimchurri, and then served between yummy slices of bread. Different regions top their choripáns with different condiments including pickled aubergines, caramelized onions, peppers, and more.


If you’re visiting Argentina during the colder months, then you’re likely to run into carbonada. This dish is a really tasty meaty, brothy stew made from meat, potatoes, carrots, corn, peppers, bacon, topped with lots of fruits such as raisins, peaches, dried apricots, and grapes. The delicous stew still isn’t finished, as it is then poured into a hollowed pumpkin and cooked on a barbecue. There are a range of carbonada to be found in different regions of the country, but one thing is for sure; Argentinians have managed to perfect the portable stew.

Argentina is a country filled with a rich and diverse range of food and wine. If you’re going to visit the country, then you need to explore not just the country, but the menu at the cafes and restaurants you stop in !

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