What to Bring Back From Argentina

What to Bring Back From Argentina

Like most people, I love bringing back souvenirs for myself and gifts for others when I go on holiday. There are some traditional gifts of course, but going to a new country means being faced with a wide selection of completely non-traditional souvenirs. So what do you get when you visit a country like Argentina? Well, here’s my guide to what to bring back from Argentina as souvenirs or gifts.

Malbec Wine

I’m not sure if you know this but Argentina is wine country. You’ll no doubt experience a wine tour or two while staying in the country. This presents an excellent chance to grab some gifts. My personal recommendation for your wine loving friends is Malbec wine. This wine comes from the Mendoza region and is a red and fruity wine considered to be the national wine of the country. Even though it’s one of the more prestigious wines in the country, a bottle will set you back no more than $20.


When I say you should get some mate as a souvenir, I don’t mean bringing a friend back with you! I mean the mate; a traditional South American drink. This drink can be found in most bars in the country. It’s a lovely green drink that tastes like some kind of fusion of coffee and tea. As such a popular drink, you’ll not be surprised to learn you can buy souvenir sets of mate. These cost around $2 and youg et a mate flask, some mate leaves, and the bombilla metal straw to drink it with. There are also specially designed cups to give your gift that extra bit of fun.

Soccer Memorabilia

Anyone who knows anything about soccer – or indeed Argentina – understands that soccer is a pretty big deal in the country. The Argentinians are proud of their soccer skills. There are plenty of stores in the country packed to the brim with soccer memorabilia including shirts and other goodies; the ideal choice souvenir or gift for the soccer fan in your life.

Leather Goods

Leather goods are a popular choice for souvenirs from Argentina. You can find just about anything in Argentina; including boots, bags, and wallets. What makes the goods so special is that they tend to be handmade. While these goods can be found across the city, you might want to take a trip to the San Telmo fair held on Sundays or one of the beautiful boutiques in the Palmero Soho neighbourhood.

Dulce de Leche

Mate and wine aren’t the only delicious goods to be found in the country. A delicious treat you’ll have trouble finding outside of Argentina is the dulce de leche. The best way to describe it is caramel but creamier. I would consider this to be the national flavour of Argentina because it makes its way into just about every dessert there is in the country. It can be bought by the bucketful – literally – in Buenos Aires supermarkets.

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