What Sports To Do in Argentina

What Sports To Do in Argentina

Our focus in this article is to discuss some of the sports that you should try during your time in Argentina as a tourist.

Sports, in general, are very popular in Argentina and if you’ve ever watched an Argentinian team playing a sport, you’ll know that they are very passionate about winning.

Sure, they haven’t had much success in the Olympics – but when it comes to the likes of Football, Rugby, and similar sports, they’re a very dominant nation.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best sports for tourists to take part in during their time in Argentina.


Let’s start off with the most popular sport in Argentina, Football (or for our American readers, Soccer).
It’s a well-known fact that only a very small percentile of Argentinians don’t play Soccer, so there’s simply no doubting how popular of a sport it actually is.
Argentina is one of the leading Football teams in international leagues and as a result, have become one of the most dominating teams too.
Bottom line – if you’re in Argentina and you have the opportunity to play Football with some of the locals, don’t keep on walking.

Stop for a while and play with them. You’ll have an unforgettable experience and you’ll have a blast playing with them too. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn a few tricks.


Following on from Football is Basketball – another very popular sport in Argentina.
Argentina is currently ranked as 6th in FIBA (previously ranking as 1st between 2006 and 2010) and have won a range of medals (in 2004 they won a gold medal in the Summer Olympics!)
All in all, while you’re in Argentina make some time to hop onto the courts and play a few games of Basketball – you’ll have a blast. Besides, anywhere that you go you’ll have a lot of fun playing Basketball, it’s an all-around fun game to play.


Even though Rugby is a popular sport in Argentina, it isn’t full of professionals. I mean, sure they have a national Rugby team who is currently a top dog in the scene, but most of Argentina’s Rugby teams are amateurs.
Back in 2007, their national team actually finished in 3rd place in the Rugby World Cup (coming in any place within the top 10 is a huge achievement for any country).

If you’re in Argentina, you’ll most likely see groups of people running around either playing Football or Rugby – they’re the two most popular sports in Argentina. It’s definitely worth playing with some of the locals if you get the chance but be aware, Argentina will take the aggressiveness of this game to a whole new level, so be prepared.


In some countries, volleyball is largely dominated by the female scene and so male volleyball isn’t as big. That being said, Argentina has a national (all male) volleyball team who have dominated the scene time and time again (currently ranking in the FIVB top 10).
Have you ever been watching a movie and there have been groups of people on the beach playing Volleyball?

When we see this we instantly think that this type of scenario isn’t real. Fortunately, Beach Volleyball is very popular in Argentina too. If you’re taking a few days to chill out on the beaches and you see a group of people getting together to play some Volleyball, make sure that you join in!

To Conclude…
If you’re not up for playing any of these sports while you’re in Argentina, you don’t have to. Instead, why not check out some of the local sports games that are being played and enjoy the atmosphere. Argentina takes their sports very seriously and if you are involved in one of their games, you’ll experience a phenomenal environment and will even meet a lot of great people.

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