The Best Markets in Buenos Aires

The Best Markets in Buenos Aires

What’s the one thing everyone does when they go on vacation? They go shopping of course! Argentina (in particular Buenos Aires) is a shopper’s paradise. There’s a bounty of boutiques but it doesn’t get much better than the outdoor markets – or ferias. Here’s a look at some of the best markets in Buenos Aires.

Feria de San Telmo

The feria de san Telmo is one of the busiest and best markets in the city. Around 300 vendors gather every Sunday in the Plaza Dorrego, Defensa, and Brasil in San Telmo to share their wares between 10AM and 5PM.

The market is closer to a festival at times as the streets are filled with dancers and musicians. There are plenty of antique vendors offering jewelry, seltzer bottles, vintage posters, and more. Just be warned that most of the people you meet will be tourists like yourself. The market has become almost too famous for its own good!

Feria de Mataderos

If you want something more traditional and Argentine then you want to check out the Feria de Mataderos. It takes place on Sundays between 11AM and 8PM April through December, switching to Saturdays between 6PM and Midnight between January and March. Around 200 vendors gather at the Av. Lisandro de la Torre y Av.

De los Corrales in Mataderos to sell traditional handcrafts made from just about anything. There’s also plenty of food and drink on offer. So do yourself a favor and arrive hungry.

Feria de Plaza Serrano

Every tourist in Palermo owes it to themselves to visit the Feria de Plaza Serrano. Around 50 artisans gather every weekend between 2PM and 8PM selling a unique collection of their wares. It’s not nearly as large as some of the other markets, but it’s worth taking a trip to see the wealth of beautiful handcrafted goods. There’s everything from jewelry and clothes to artwork and photography. The Plaza Serrano, where the market is held, is also home to a range of boutique shops and bars, so there’s plenty of food, drink, and more traditional shopping to be had.

Feria de Recoleta

The bustling Fiera de Recoleta is a weekend market that takes place between 11AM and 8PM on the Plaza Francia, near the Recoleta Cemetery in Recoleta. Not only are some of the best artisan wares on sale – including leather goods, jewelry, and carved mate cups – but there are plenty of food venders and live performances on offer. It all comes together to create a lively atmosphere filled with good food, good music, and great goods. There’s a lot to see and do, even if you don’t bring a full wallet with you.


Buenos Aires is bustling with markets all year round. They’re one of the best places to find something handcrafted so make sure you look out for one near you when you go to Argentina. Don’t forget to try some traditional food and drink while taking in the sights and sounds of the market and have an experience unlike anything you would find elsewhere!

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