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· Close to the Atlantic sea coast are two interesting proposals - Mundo Marino in San Clemente del Tuyu and Aquarium in Mar del Plata - Argentina - Includes information and attractions ·


Marine Fauna-Festivals

In Argentina and closet o the Atlantic sea coast are two interesting proposals to take into account Mundo Marino, in San Clemente del Tuyú, and Aquarium, in Mar del Plata.
The marvelous spectacle that the marine fauna performs in the cold waters of the south can be appreciated in Buenos Aires Atlantic coast. The Mundo Marino show-that in January 6 celebrated its 30° anniversary – has dolphins, sea wolfs, walrus and a 3 Tons killer whale among its most popular hosts.  The stars keep marching by the sides of a crystal tunnel: stylish rays among a fish multitude of all the sizes and colors.
The San Clemente del Tuyú complex- was extended with marine hot springs pools and the San Antonio Lighthouse- it also shelter hippopotamus and penguins rescued from the beach, where the animals drift due the petroleum spills that affects the marine fauna.
These spectacles satisfy the anxiety to delight with the pirouettes of these marine Stars, the visitors complete a 6 hour tour with a didactic talk, the surprise theater and a safari that can be enjoyed on board of a train pulled by a tractor.

Fun in Punta Mogotes
212 Kilometers away at Punta Mogotes Light house, in Mar del Plata, Aquarium Park, has lots of visitors. The dolphin’s offers three shows every day from 11:30 to 20:00 even tough the frequency it is the most popular show, the great innovation of the season is the possibility to dive along 4 sharks. To bee submerged in a swimming pool with a Ukrainian instructor Vladimir Tkatchuck, the audacious wearing neoprene suits can access to this experience
More relaxed experiences are the swimming options inside the tanks with the fishes, aquatic ski lessons, or wakeboard for older that 10 years visitors-The house also provides complete equipment and the Lake show.

How to get to the Thematic Parks?

How to get to Mundo Marino?
Mundo Marino is located in San Clemente del Tuyú, 320 kilometers away from Buenos Aires and 220 km. Away from Mar del Plata.
From Capital Federal it’s possible to take Buenos Aires – La Plata highway till Rotonda Gutiérrez (Alpargatas) or travel by Nicolás Avellaneda Bridge (Pte. La Boca) South east access, subsequently by Avda. Calchaquí to arrive to Rotonda Gutiérrez or by Pueyrredón Bridge, Avda. Mitre (Avellaneda), Avda. Calchaquí.
All the alternatives arrive to Rotonda Gutiérrez (Alpargatas) from there you can take one of the following two options:
- Ruta Nac. Nº 2 till Dolores, then the Prov. Nº 63 till Croto and Prov. Nº 11 corner, to finally take the interbalnearia route towards San Clemente.

- Ruta Prov. Nº 36 till Ruta Prov. Nº 11 (by Olmos and Pipinas).
The two options arrive to San Clemente del Tuyú.

How to get to Aquarium?
To get to Aquarium Park from Mar del Plata, theres two transportation options:

By car
to get to Aquarium Park by car you have to travel De la Costa Avenue towards the lighthouse. Once you pass by Punta Mogotes, you should continue 1.000 meters more till the entrance.

By Bus
to get to Aquarium Park by bus you can take the following bus lines 221 and 511 D. Other options is to take the bus lines 523 and 522 that Hill leave you at the lighthouse (a 100 meters away from the entrance approximately).
Useful information
Entrances Fee

  • To Mundo Marino, $ 59; 3 to 10 years old, $ 39.
  • To Aquarium, $ 55; 3 to 10 years old and retired, $ 40.

Mundo Marino - San Clemente
Address: Av. Décima nº 157 - San Clemente del Tuyú
Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA
Phones: (02252) 43-0300 and 43-0304 / 306 / 202

Phone: 4382-5600 / (0223) 467-0700/1

Thematics Parks
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