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· The city of San Luis is loacted on the pampa region - Argentina Travel - Includes information of hotels and tourist sites attractions ·

San Luis Province, Argentina

Distances: 719 kilometers away from Buenos Aires
535 kilometers away from La Rioja
412 kilometers away from Cordoba
255 kilometers away from Mendoza
San Luis is a province situated in the best center of the country. Limit to the north with La Rioja Province, to the east with Cordoba, to the south with La Pampa, to the west with Mendoza and to the northwest with San Juan.

The city of San Luis has a capital with the same name. It lies next to Chorrillos River. It still keeps the traditional façade of the big colonial houses and residencies.

It was founded in 1594. Nowadays, this is a prosper city that offers different attractive tourist sites.

It is located in the region of the Pampa. From San Luis, it is possible to access to all corners of the country. It possesses beautiful mountain ranges, rivers and brooks.

The nick-name of its inhabitants is "puntanos"; it comes from the actual location of the city called "Punta de los Venados" (spot of the deer).

The south of the province offers the possibility of practicing a non-conventional tour on its scarcely populated plains where there are plenty of lakes. It is interesting to see diverse fauna and birds which inhabit the region. Photograph safaris can be done here.

How to arrive to San Luis

By Land
You can get to San Luis by the Provincial Road Nº 20 and provincial road Nº 18.

By air
It is possible to get to San Luis by air in cabotage flights.

It is interesting to visit:

- The Towns: Mercedes, Lujan and Merlo
- IV Centenario Park
- Naciones Park
- Historical Museum
- Provincial Museum
- Cathedral
- The Chacras Campsite
- The Volcano
- Cruz de Piedra Dam
- San Felipe Natural Reservoir
- Intihuasi Grotto
- Potrero of the Funes
- Zapallar and Renca Hot-Springs
- Quebrada Village

Tourist Attractions

Mercedes is the second city of the province. It is an industrial and commercial center, as well as an important road.

Merlo is a tourist center located in a mountain range of an exceptional beauty. It spreads at the foot of Comechingones Mountain Range between Divisadero and Tren mountains.

Merlo has an excellent micro climate caused by the action of the pass of the humid air drifts, through the mountains, coming from the Atlantic.

The Quebrada Village is located 38 kilometers away from the capital city. The place is very well known thanks to the annual celebration of the appearance of the "Santo de la Quebrada", a popular saint.

Sierra de las Quijadas National Park

It is located northwest to San Luis province in Argentina, in the cities of Belgrano and Ayacucho, it has an approximate surface of 150.000 hectares.
The park has numerous evidence of ancient human occupation, especially in the pedemontano area of the chain mountain. Few kilometers away from a huge archeological place is settled; characterized by the location of 20 “Botijas” similar to small ovens all of them inside a indigenous settlement perimeter of Huarpes.

Potrero de los Funes Reservoir

Potrero de los Funes Reservoir is located in Potrero de los Funes city area, in San Luis province about 18 km away from the provincial capital. Located 1.000 m.a.s.l, in a valley into San Luis Chain Mountains. On the lake shore you Hill find lots of Hostels, Inns and tourism complexes.

It is one of the most antique reservoir in South America. The Dike was built in 1860 and was destroyed by a water increasing. It was rebuilt in 1876 and in 1927 was replaced by the current dike. The capacity of the water mirror over its maximum quote is 9,1 hm³ and the total surface of the valley is 360 hectares..

Guanacache Lagoons

The Guanacache or Huanacache Lagoons known also as Bañados de Guanacache, are located at Mendoza north-west, to the south- east of San Juan province,  and to the Northwest of San Luis .

In the past the “bañados” where inhabited by the huarpe people called “lagunera”, the persons travel by the extensive lagoons system with ships similar to the "caballitos de totora" used in the Uru and  in the Titicaca Lake.

Useful Information

The Tourism Secretary offices re located on Ilia Avenue, that grows in diagonal from the main square. In this office you can find actualized information

San Luis
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