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· Capital of the Patagonian province and it is considered the most important city in the Argentinean Patagonia, Argentina - Includes information of hotels and tourist sites attractions ·

City of Neuquén, Argentina

Neuquén is the capital of the province.

Distances: 1.150 kilometers from Buenos Aires
460 kilometers from San Carlos de Bariloche
327 kilometers from Bahía Blanca

This is the capital of the Patagonian county and it is considered the most important city in the Patagonia. It is situated 265 meters above the sea level.

Neuquén grew a lot in the last years and it multiplied its constructions. It is a commercial and financial center.

Among the most important festivities in the city, it is possible to mention: The contest of Sport Fishing, The Cultural encounter from Neuquén and the National Party of the Apple.

Neuquén possesses spaces and areas to develop adventure tourism, walks, trekking, rafting, canoeing and camping.

Places of interest

· Paleontological Museum of the National University of the Comahue
· Historical Provincial Museum
· Villa El Chocón Museum
· Chapelco and Bayo Mountain
· Rodolfo Ballester Dike
· Pellegrini Dam
· Laguna Blanca National Park
· Thermal Baths of Copahue
· Lakes: Tromen, Curruhue Chico and Grande
· Lanín Volcano

Attractive Tourist Places

El Chocón Dam. It is a place where several nautical sports and fishing can be practiced. Beside the lake, Chocón Village is situated, it contains some infrastructure to assist tourists.

The Colorados Mountains. This is a tide control system of the river Neuquén that gave place to the formation of the lakes Los Barriales and Mari Menuco. In these lakes, nautical activities and fishing of rainbow trouts, perches and pejerreyes of great size can be carried out. There are camping sites and private clubs.

The Cretácico Park. This is a place where you can observe vestiges of a remote and exciting past. Some call it the “valley of the Dinosaurs”; others speak of a true “Cretacic Park”.

Aluminé. This city is located in a high mountain area, next to the northern section of the Lanín National Park. Here, the Party of the Pehuén or Pinenut (fruit of the pehuén) takes place every year.

Pehuenia Village is located beside the lake Aluminé. This is a high mountain village. It is possible to practice adventure tourism, trekking, mountain biking, cavalcades, parachuting and canoeing among others.

The Seven Lakes Route. This is an itinerary of 200 Kilometers that connects San Martin de Los Andes with San Carlos de Bariloche. Here, you will be able to observe big snowy hills and natural forests.

The route is plenty of panoramic views of the lakes Machónico, Hermoso, Villarino, Falkner, Correntoso, Espejo and Nahuel Huapi.

By: Bella Bestia
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