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· Goya, is characterized by big plantations of palms and fruit trees - Hotels Booking Goya, Argentina ·

City of Goya , Argentina

Goya is the second city of Corrientes and it is located 225 kilometers from it.

It possesses big plantations of palms and fruit trees. It was well-known as the mooring port on the river Paraná in time of the Spanish Colony. It was denominated Goya as a derivation of Mrs. Gregoria, a primitive inhabitant of the place.

It preserves strong traditions and old customs.

Sport fishing is practiced there and the Fiesta National del Surubí (The Surubí Party) is carried out every year from April to May.

How to get to Goya

Goya is located 222 kilometers away from the Provincial Capital by the National roads No. 12 and 27, to get to Goya from Buenos Aires the traditional route is by the National Road No.14 that converge with the National Road No. 12.

By Plane: from Buenos Aires, to Corrientes, Goya, and Paso de los Libres. The Goya Airport is located 6 kilometers Hawai from the city downtown.
By Bus: From Buenos Aires to Corrientes, Esquina, Goya, Mercedes, Monte Caseros, Paso de los Libres and many other cities of tghe province.
By Car: by the National Road No.12

San Baltasar Festivity
- National Tobacco Festival
- Carnivals
Surubi fishing National contest
Surubí National Festival - Expo-Goya

The synonym is the nature and Surubi fishing. The main acts takes place in Italia Square located at the river shore, where the public enjoy musical and cultural spectacles, an industry , services, tourism and commercial exhibit takes place

Provincial Agricultor Festival

In Colonia Carolina, just 10 kilometers away from the city, the Provincial Agricultor Festival takes place. This traditional festivity takes place on Agricultor Square. The festival starts with the fruits of earth blessing and the inauguration of the Expo-Agricultor.
One of the main attractions is the Music Festival and the beauty patient, finalizing with a huge lunch that congregates more than 3000 persons.
Nuestra Señora del Rosario Patron Saint Fest

For the occasion a departmental exhibition in Mitre Square in front of the Cathedral takes place where business man, storekeepers, artisans and cultural entities offers its products, in the scenery built during nights takes place music festivals, folkloric music shows and cultural-social activities.
One week before the religious activities starts with the novena, mass, finalizing on October 7, with the pilgrims from the rural areas arrival, in the huge procession of Virgen del Rosario by the downtown streets of our city.

Swallow arrival

The swallows arrive to the city on November 24 each year, the birds start their journey on October 23, San Juan day and travel 10.000 to 12.000 km. This swallows come from San Juan de Capistrano a small city located between San Diego and Los Angeles.
The swallows are welcomed with some activities in their honor besides de Golondrinas Monuments located in San Martin Square the favorite place of the swallows to nest.

Summer Season Inauguration

The Municipal beach located 7 kilometers away from the city opens on Santa Lucia River shore. During the nights Peñas.

· The Cathedral Nuestra Señora del Rosario
· The Squares Mitre and San Martin
· House of Culture
· Municipal Zoo
· Tideland Espadañal and Tideland Paranacito
· Pacú and Ñaembé Lagoons
· Indigenous Cemetery, aside the Riacho Miní
· The Capilla del Diablo (Chapel), located in Colonia Carolina

Attractive Tourist Places

Colonia Carolina, a town located 8 kilometers from the city of Goya. In this place, you can find the Capilla del Diablo that was built in 1.904 by an Italian immigrant who made artistic carvings of Dantesque motives, by using a knife, in Urunday wood.

Santa Lucía, it is located 21 kilometers from Goya. It is an old town and the establishment of a Franciscan mission. There, an old church of 1.770 was declared National Historical Monument.

Villa de Goya
By : Valentine Atkinson
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