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· Santa Rosa, is a forced station when going toward the most important urban and tourist centers in Argentina ·

Ranches in La Pampa, Argentina

25 de Mayo Valley Ranch

25 de Mayo Valley is an important urban center with more than 6.000 inhabitants. It contains all tourist services as well as tourist sectors like: runways for planes, squares, gardens and museums.

It was an agricultural colony; its first establishments dates back from a hundred years ago and they were located aside the Colorado River. Who visits the Valle 25 de Mayo will see a landscape of contrasts that breaks the monotony of the Patagonian plains by the action of the water and man's work.

La Blanca Ranch

La Blanca is located 128 kilometers from Santa Rosa. It is an agricultural and cattle production region. It possesses good management and cattle reproduction systems.

La Holanda Ranch

La Holanda is located 40 kilometers from Victoria. It is the oldest town of La Pampa. This ranch is located in the valley El Durazno.

The history of La Holanda goes back to 1895, when the great-grandfather of the current residents (the consul and Dutch commercial attaché in Buenos Aires) acquired these lands. He built downtown in 1919. The place still maintains its original appearance. It is interesting to visit here the Museum Atelier Antonio Ortiz Echage.

The Provincial Party of the cattle bearing, which lasts an entire week of February, is a show of “tamings” and “tropilla” parades. This is a yearly popular event.

A Puro Campo Ranch

A Puro Campo possesses an extension of 1.000 hectares. It is part of the beautiful green landscape of the pampas. The owners settled down in La Pampa years ago, they were touched by the spectacular nature of the place. Hotel keepers, by own option and conviction, went out from Bariloche to those lands over the concrete project of creating a ranch that immediately adopted the name of A Puro Campo since it is a place where you can breathe and feel the “Pampean” field.

Villa Verde Ranch

Villa Verde was inaugurated in 1992 as the first tourist ranch of La Pampa. It is located 10 kilometers from the capital of La Pampa. Here, you can enjoy different attractions. It is an establishment of agriculture and cattle production.

La Julia Ranch

Its creation goes back to the last decade of the XIX century. It possesses 106 years of its existence. The stay always belonged to the same family. Firstly, the establishment was devoted to the production of wool; later, to the agriculture and cattle production, and recently, it opened its gates to tourists by offering hostage services to foreign and national visitors.

Santa Rosa
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