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· San Fernando from the Valley of Catamarca, is the capital of the province of Catamarca - Argentina Travel - Includes information of hotels and tourist sites attractions ·

Catamarca, Argentina

Distances: 1.150 kilometers from Buenos Aires
830 kilometers from Mendoza
440 kilometers from Córdoba

The Province of Catamarca offers a rich diversity of tourist areas plenty of attractive landscapes, cultural places and ecological areas.

San Fernando is located 543 meters above the sea level and it is the capital of the province of Catamarca.

Its colonial architecture formed by large old houses with barred windows, robust hall doors and sunny courts denote its historical past.
How to get to Catamarca

By land

You can get to Catamarca by the National Roads No. 9, No. 38 and No. 60 and provincial roads No. 33,  No. 157.

By air

There are direct flights and with connections from the main cities of the country. The Airport Felipe Varela receives daily national flights and three flights a week of regional character.


Virgen del Valle Festivity

Poncho National Festival

Is one of the most important Argentina and America artisan festivals, it takes place on July 18 in San Fernando city. Is a place of encounter where the artisan of the entire country will exhibit their work considered a truly piece of art.

Also takes place the folkloric festival an encounter place of music and dance where the audience will enjoy and also participate of a party that they will never forget.

Catamarca Foundation

Catamarca Province Autonomy

Virgen del Valle Festivity

Is the festivity to honor the Virgen del Valle, patron Saint of Catamarca, starts with the descent of the image from the cubicle in the local Cathedral Hill the Presbytery, the religious celebration will last till April 6.


Tourist Attractions

San Fernando possesses rich crafts, apart from archaeological and colonial museums like:

· Nuestra Señora del Valle Cathedral
· San Francisco Church and Convent
· Archaeological Museum Calchaquí
· Historical Archive
· Folkloric Museum
· Grotto of Nuestra Señora del Valle
· La Quebrada del Tala Calvary
· Spas of Tinogasta and Fiambalá
· Thermal Springs: The Ciénaga, Fuente de Cura Fierro and The Colpa.

Attractive Tourist Places

Belén, it is located between Cuna del Poncho and Portal de los Valles Calchaquíes. It presents fertile valleys and a beautiful geography suitable for cattle bearing. This enormous extension forms the counties of Catamarca, Tucumán and Salta. It offers a panorama of surprising landscapes, serpentine roads and colorful hills.

The Rodeo, it is located 38 kilometers from San Fernando. The region is plenty of fruit trees, walnuts and flowers whose names are those of the streets. Its celebrities and parties are related to the religion and the particular customs.

Santa María, this is the capital of the Valles Calchaquíes. It was one of the main establishments of the millennial Indian Yokaviles and, even today, you can observe the remains of that culture.

Laguna Blanca, this is a town dedicated to the breeding of llamas. It presents typical native architecture. The pink flamingos stand out there.

La Cuesta del Portezuelo, it is located 17 Kilometers from San Fernando. This is the geographical point of reference of Catamarca. Places of interest to visit in this location are: the Church of La Chacarita, the Camino de la Virgin, the Monument to Felipe Varela and the Church of San Isidro.

The salt lake El Hombre Muerto, it is located 4.000 meters above the sea level. From there, you will be able to appreciate a beautiful sight of giant volcanoes; and, also, from this point, you can photograph the beautiful lagoon Caro with the volcano Antofalla at the background.

Fuerte Quemado, in here, a line of adobe houses conform this town that was the location of ancestral cultures; testimonies of such cultures are exposed in the Presbítero Baudilio Vásquez Museum.

Other places of interest

Tinogasta, it is surrounded by vineyards, highlands, high mountains and thermal spas as Las Higueritas.

The church of Fiambalá, it is made of adobe walls. It contains paintings of the Cuzqueña School. Very close, the thermal baths of the same name are situated.

London, it possesses mines and the ruins of El Shincal, a vestige of the Incan civilization. Other remains of pre-Columbian cultures can be found in the gulches of El Tala and El Potrero.

San Fernando de Catamarca
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