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· Balvanera is a neighborhood located to the west side of Buenos Aires city, Argentina - It is a Jewish neighborhood - Includes information of hotels and tourist sites attractions of Balvanera ·

Balvanera Neighborhood, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Balvanera neighborhood is located to the west of Buenos Aires, close to the political and financial center of the city. It is a Jewish neighborhood where the Hebrew community has developed its commercial activity from the beginnings of the XX century.
Its name comes from the parish of Nuestra Señora de Balvanera, built in 1831, which is popularly known as “Once” because of the proximity to The Once de Septiembre Station.
In here, there are a lot of wholesaler and retail business, especially in the area of fashion stores and clothing; in this neighborhood, most of the Israeli community has been settled down.


Balvanera neighborhood is delimited by these avenues: Independencia, Entre Ríos, Callao, Córdoba, Gallo, Díaz Vélez, Sánchez de Bustamante and Sánchez de Loria.

What to visit?

“Once de Septiembre” Station
It is located between Pueyrredón and Rivadavia Avenues

There are a lot of railways towards the Miserere Square where the mausoleum of Bernardino Rivadavia is located.

Wholesale food market of Buenos Aires
It is located between Corrientes and Anchorena Avenues

It is one of the most important commercial centers of the city. There are more than 25 thousand stores in Balvanera. Local regulations favor commerce.
The Wholesale Food Market was designed by José Luis Delphini. Nowadays, it has over 200 stores, food courts, cinemas, funfair for children and a giant parking lot.

Museo de los niños (Children Museum)
It is located in the Commercial Center Abasto
This impressive interactive museum was built for children (12 years old). Here, children act as adults; they can do all daily activities of adults: going to a bank, with money and cash points; a market; a fast food local; a building under construction and others. In those places, they are employees, bosses, fathers, doctors, scriptwriters and so on.

Monument to “Carlos Gardel”
It is located in front of the Abasto building, in a beautiful avenue where the most famous and popular monuments to “tango” are located. The so called “el zorzal”, Carlos Gardel, was the most famous singer who “export the tango”, especially to Europe and EE.UU.

Casa Carlos Gardel Museum
It is located in Jean Jaures Nº 735

It was declared historic monument. “El zorzal”, best known as “el morocho de Abasto” lived here.

Nowadays, there are rooms with original objects and reproductions that show the different stages and times of the singer: his childhood, his friends, his lovers and, of course, his career.

Barrio Balvanera
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Estación “Once de Septiembre”
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Mercado del Abasto de Buenos Aires
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Monumento a “Carlos Gardel”
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