About me

About me

Hello you there!!!

I am Tom, a forty something from America who loves travelling and discovering new places, new cultures….

I wish I could quit my boring desk job and travel the world.

Who knows? It may be possible one day. Anything is possible as long as you commit to it… (I know it is easier said than done…)

In the meantime, every year I simply save as much money as I can to travel to different countries. I won’t say I have been to every country… but quite a lot now.

And so far, Argentina is my all-time favorite, hands down. You could maybe call this love at first sight.

That is why I decided to create this website

Why the name Argentina contact?

  • Well, as you had guessed, Argentina because this website is all about Argentina and travelling in general
  • Contact because when I had to find a name for this website about argentina, I kinda remembered of this movie with jody foster who decides to set up a mission after receiving an alien message form deep space.

Don’t get me wrong; I did not receive any alien message if you are wondering. The thing is I did not know the first thing about Argentina at that time; it was indeed a bit like unknown deep space for me.

That is why argentinacontact.com was the perfect fit for this website about my journey to this fantastic country, my findings, what I would like to do or see for my next trips…

I hope this blog will definitely inspire you to take your passport right now and explore this awesome country. It is really an amazing experience.

Who knows? We might even meet there.