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Opinion of: Pedro - Argentina

About: Complejo Turístico Sol y Paz

cabañas sol y paz Bariloche
buena atención, buen servicio, comodidades de acuerdo a lo informado, todo 10 puntos, lo recomiendo, gracias saludos Pedro ...

Posted: 12/Mar/2015
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Tours in Argentina
Visit Argentina earth of tango, gauchos and diversity; discover isolated highlands, lakes, fascinating woods and glaciers. Live Argentina in tours by the end of the world or by the sub tropical rain forests, with incredible natural phenomena’s as the Iguazu Waterfalls; or horseback riding to know the vast plains in the pampeana region. Argentina is a country for everyone, travel along the Argentina North full of multicolored mountains in a train by the clouds or visit Cuyo earth of wines and dinosaurs. The immortal Buenos Aires city of Gardel tangos, place of contrasts that captivates its visitors, there you will be able to practice golf, navigate by the Delta, visit Argentinean traditional ranches, or simply take a city tour to fall in love of the colorful La Boca streets. The coast offers extensive and inviting beaches and the earth of fire its varied sea fauna: home of whales and penguins. Argentina has much more to offer than what can be simply described by words
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Del Fundador Hotel, Córdoba
Bariloche Flat Hotel, Bariloche
Ankara Suites, Salta
Ankara Suites, Salta
Argentina Iguazu Falls

Visit and know Misiones where you can admire Iguazú falls, "The greatest Guaranie's water", it is characterized by 275 waterfalls spread in half-moon form which fall from 70 meters.

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Sarmiento Palace Hotel, Buenos Aires - Argentina
Don José Ranch, Cañuelas, Buenos Aires
Villa Carlos Paz
Villa Carlos Paz, Carlos Paz is characterized by being a tourist and modern area; where the practice of sports is a singular attraction. Hunting and fishing, waterscooter riding,.....
Route 40 Patagonic Runner
Route 40 Patagonic Runner, Bariloche - Cuevas de las Manos, Calafate, Chalten, Paine. This legendary route, starts at Argentina North and runs parallel to Los Andes, crossing completely.....
Waterfalls of the Iguazú
Waterfalls of the Iguazú, constitute one of the biggest, more beautiful and more spectacular falls of water in the world, considered by some as the eighth world wonder......
Mar del Plata
Mar del Plata, In Mar del Plata you will find the beach that best meets your expectations, the unique trilogy of air, sun and sea will challenge your senses to enjoy an unforgettable stay......
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